Brands that Stand Out

Offering effective and safe health solutions for every need.

Our long-term collaborations enable us to make our mission a reality through the provision of innovative and quality pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical proposals. Our main objective is to provide maximum satisfaction to our partners, with complete services provided, at the right time and in the right way.



Pharmasept is a purely Greek company that has been active for 20 years in the field of dermocosmetic products.

Its philosophy is based on offering natural quality solutions for daily care, always respecting the sensitive skin.

Based on a variety of ingredients of natural origin and in combination with science, Pharmasept products work preventively and combat external attacks that affect personal hygiene.


Menarini Hellas

The Menarini Group is based in Florence, Italy, and has a tradition of innovation and the development of unique products of high quality and safety.

Through its 14 production facilities and 6 state-of-the-art Research & Development centers in the 100 countries of its activity, it works uninterruptedly with its unique mission of human well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of patients.

Menarini Hellas has 27 years of successful presence in the Greek market offering top-quality pharmaceutical products while, since October 2016, with the creation of the new Consumer HealthCare Department, it aims to offer innovative solutions for maintaining health and well-being of modern man.



EthicSport is a nutritional supplement company that has as its primary purpose the strictly scientific approach to sports activities, thus helping to deal with illegal practices that pollute the world of sports, both at a competitive and amateur level.

EthicSport products use only the best raw materials and according to the highest production standards. The composition of each product is unique and guarantees top performance during training and competitions. Each EthicSport product is proactively tested by independent Public Health laboratories and subjected to microbiological and anti-doping tests which demonstrate that the product complies with WADA health requirements and regulations.

Many EthicSport products are gluten-free certified and the seal on their packaging guarantees their absence. Our continuous research is focused on new products that will meet the real needs of athletes. The development of each new product is based on the careful examination of the relevant scientific literature in order for its specific function to fully respect the human body.